Agency Client Finder OTO links and review

Agency Client Finder OTO links and review

Agency Client Finder OTO was released by Matt Garrett.

Agency Client Finder has one front end option called Agency Client Finder.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: Agency Client Finder (services) and Agency Client Finder (por plugin).
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 links below:

Agency Client Finder oto

All 2 Agency Client Finder links below

Please purchase the Front End Before Any OTO purchase,
you can purchase one or more OTOs directly from below if already purchased the Front End offer for Agency Client Finder!

Agency Client Finder OTO details

Agency Client Finder includes many automated tests and analysis. It will show you any issues with the clients website, SEO, performance, accessibility, security and more.

Each automated test also allows a manual test report which gives detailed information on the problem and the solutions.

Agency Client Finder uses many third party industry standard tests and reports so you can be sure that your results are correct and valid.

Agency Client Finder is truly a one of kind software. It is web based (Software as a Service) so can be used with almost any platform.

Agency Client Finder offers:

 – Dashboard overview showing all your campaign leads
 – Open View showing the in-depth analysis and details of individual leads
 – Customer Report that is customizable and automatically added to your contact email
 – Email manager that lets you customize your email sequences
 – Campaign Manager that enables and controls your customer engagement process

Agency Client Finder is truly one of a kind software. It is web based (Software as a Service) so can be used with almost any platform.

Unlike most competitors, Agency Client Finder does not charge credits to use the system.

More Info:

The Single Powerhouse For Offering Online Services, Getting Local Clients & Delivering Customer Solutions. Business intelligence is the key to great business success, both for consultants and clients. Agency Client Finder gives you access to all the data you need to be a success.

STEP #1: Find Prospects
Search your preferred geographical area for your specific niche businesses, covering both USA and UK businesses.

Use the in-depth data from Agency Client Finder to identify your perfect customer and their needs.

Best of all the tests inside Agency Client Finder will not only find problems but also give you solutions

STEP #2: Full Business Analysis
Stand out from the crowd – It takes only a few minutes to find out everything about your prospective client’s online presence.

Check website, web security, business directory citations, review & ratings, performance, accessibility, social networks, videos, frameworks, GMB, analytics, SEO, links and more.

Producing detailed reports for your prospective clients shows you understand THEM and THEIR NEEDS.

You can show instant authority and massively increase your chances of engaging clients.

STEP #3: Contact, Engagement & Closure
Once you have the primary leads, you’ve analyzed the businesses, you’ve created a customer report, you’ve ensured every lead is now a hot and qualified prospect, you are ready to make contact with your future clients.

Agency Client Finder includes an intelligent customer and campaign manager to fully control your contact times ensuring your best chances of getting a positive response from your prospects.

Linking to online call scheduling ensures potential customers can contact you at their convenience, with no hard sales pitches, dramatically increasing your responses.

Agency Client Finder Services (OTO 1) details

hey need your help, they need your expertise, they need your knowledge, they need your experience.

In short they need someone who can do the things they can’t, or don’t want to do.

Successful businesses work because they do what they know best. If they sell kitchens then they need to produce the best kitchens, if they fix water pipes then they need to do it expertly and swiftly.

That is the way to success. Most businesses do not work when they use there valuable time trying to do create web sites, do SEO,ensuring security and accessibility etc.

It is time better spent on their own core activities like growing the business. Things they are good at.

This is also true for you as a local consultant.

You need to best use your time to deliver the services that local businesses need. Some you will already be an expert at. Some you will need to learn, and some will need to be improved.

Whatever your particular scenario these local service guides will give you everything you need.

Agency Client Finder POR plugin (Power Online Reviews) (OTo 2) details

It’s worth reiterating that this plugin is a real income stream for any local business consultant.

Use it as an add on to existing services. It’s so quick and easy to implement that you could use it as your “foot in the door”. But don’t undersell yourself or this service.

However you sell or deliver this you can be assured of a regular monthly income.

Basically this means that you can:

– Configure everything to perfectly match your Theme or website colour and style. This will merge perfectly into your current WP site and ensure high levels of engagement
– Collect and display positive reviews completely hands free. So you wont be wasting your time with excessive admin tasks
– Allow any Admin or user with the new WP Review Manager Role to manage all reviews. This means you can allocate review management to a VA or employee while keeping your site safe by limiting access and capability.
– Get instant email notification of reviews so they can be responded to immediately if needed. No need to keep checking to see if reviews have been left or missing any that may need immediate attention.
– Respond to reviews with just one click if needed. Means no messing about and wasting time when responses are required. Pre-define your default email and it will open up in your default email handler with one click.
– See the most recent and the best reviews displayed on your site and you can respond quickly to bad reviews. This means more happy customers and you can focus your attention where it is needed.
– Increase your site visitor engagement, their confidence in you, and their willingness to purchase your products or visit your business.

Can I use Power Online Reviews on any website?
Power Online Reviews is a WordPress plugin and can only be installed on a self-hosted WordPress website.

Can I resell this to clients?
Yes you can resell the plugin with a single personal use license directly to a website owner or you can install the plugin on a clients website as part of a review management or local SEO service. In all cases you can only give a single site license.

What else do I need to make this work?
You (or your client) will need an email account and an account with any third party review site you wish to drive reviews to. i.e. Google My Business etc.

Does this software support all countries?
Power Online Reviews is in English only. Therefore it it will only work in an English speaking countries.

Are there any monthly fees?
NO, there are no monthly fees. Just a single one-off payment. Of course you can, and should, charge a monthly fee to your clients.

There are plenty of easy ways into new clients. Agency Client Finder puts them all at your fingertips.

Of course many clients want and need a lot of support and work. However some will want to “test the waters” with you.

No problem! You easily show prospective clients any problems with their online real estate and show them how fixing it can be hugely beneficial.

These are often quick to fix, low cost to deliver so very profitable and shows quick results to your clients.

And best of all the tests inside Agency Client Finder will not only find problems but also give you solutions. COOL RIGHT!

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