Flixsterz Next OTO and downsell links

Flixsterz Next OTO and downsell links

Flixsterz Next OTO was released by Kimberly DeVries.

Flixsterz Next has one front end option called Flixsterz NEXT.
This product also has a total of three OTOs: Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate, Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate and Flixsterz Next Agency 50.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2 and 3 links below:

Flixsterz Next oto

All 3 Flixsterz Next links below

Front End 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT)
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Flixsterz Next Front End 1

OTO 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
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Flixsterz Next OTO 1

OTO 2 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
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Flixsterz Next OTO 2

OTO 3 link (Flixsterz Next Agency 50)
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Flixsterz Next OTO 3

Flixsterz Next video preview

Flixsterz Next OTO details

Flixsterz.com has become my favorite place to go. I love Flixsterz. It’s been amazing. It’s been so easy and so simple for me to get things going there…  

What I love about Flixsterz is that we can bypass … the commercials that interrupt us whenever we go to Youtube, or facebook.

Another thing I don’t like with the videos on Youtube is your viewers may start your video and walk away, and come back and there are on other videos from competing channels to never find their way back to you.

Using Flixsterz we have a captive audience! The fact that we can put our blogs there, we can put our podcast there. I love the fact that we can inhale our videos from places like youtube. So I’m really excited, and I think this is a win/win for anyone who decides to get Fixsterz…

Flixsterz NEXT now comes with a A CONCIERGE SERVICE… a welcome video to Welcome Your Subscribers To Your Channel. A video that pops up to welcome, and show them around. It can tell them the rules, and how to best experience your channel, podcasts and blogs, but more importantly…

Frint End features – Flixsterz NEXT:
Turn Likes Into Cash With Your Own Streaming Podcasting & Blogging Service
Import Videos From YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, TikTok & Vimeo, Dropbox, or Amazon S3 With Cloud Import
A Platform Inspired By The Growth of NETFLIX, SPOTIFY & WordPress..
Enter Into The Streaming Wars With Your Own NETFLIX Platform, Like Russel Brunson
Get New Subscribers & Get Ranked Using The Integrated Blog Posts
Podcasts Hosting For Best Listening Experience from Any Device and Anywhere!
Grow Your Followers Solely By Letting Them In On Your Streaming Platform
Use Your Affiliate Link on Other Peoples Videos?
A Platform That Navigates Like YouTube and With A Viewing Experience Like Netflix
Your Own Video Distribution Platform For Your Followers Entertainment
Your Own Binge Watching Series On Your Own Netflix Platform
Built-In Interaction with comments, like, dislikes
Build Your List With Each Comment on Your Video
Import Selected Videos From YouTube From Your Own Or Other Channels
Grow Subscribers WIth New Video Hacking Strategy:
Import The Most Popular Videos To Flixsterz With Your Own Description And (Affiliate) Links. – Example Russel Brunson
Grow Your List With Each Like
Your Own Video Streaming Community Guidelines
Get Notified with Each Like, Comment and/or Share
Supported in 8 Languages, English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
A Video Streaming Service for Any Niche
Import Unlimited # of Videos For Streaming
Easy Social Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
No More Annoying Advertisements Before The Video Starts
Manage All Your Videos From A Single Screen
Manage All Comments On Any Video From A Single Screen
Clear Dashboard to See All Platform Activity at a Glance
Your Own Admin Panel For Easy Import & System Settings
View Your Followers Emails And Manage Each Platform Member Through The User Management Module
Access to the Exclusive Flixsterz Facebook Group
One extra account in your name for personal use or for another business you run.
90 Minutes of professional training on Flixsterz Video Streaming

OTO 1 Features –  Flixsterz Ultimate:
Replace The Flixsterz Logo & Favicon
Upload Your Own MP4 Videos Directly To Your Flixsterz Platform (Your Own Hosting Platform – upto 10GB FREE upload)
Embed Videos Anywhere With The Flixsterz Embed Code
Update Views And Likes On Any Of Your Videos
Create Playlists for Your Video Series For Easy And Seamless Consumption Of Your Videos
Create Your Professional Channel View For Easy Navigation & Direct Access To Playlists & Messenger.
Follow Up With Your New Subscribers With Your Favorite Auto-Responder Integration
Engage With Your Subscribers With The Flixsterz Integrated Messenger
Engaging Notification That Will Draw Your Subscribers Attention
Watch Detailed Analytics per Day/Month/Year
5 extra domains for additional video streaming services for different niches or purposes

OTO 2 Features –  Flixsterz Pay:
Your Own Training Udemy Platform for Video Training (Pay Per View)
Select Any Video That You Want Your Followers To Pay For
Monetize Your Videos Via PayPal & Stripe Integration
Make your full domain access contingent on payment with “Site Premium Setting”
Ad Advertisements to Header, Footer, Sidebar & Comments Section with Simple HTML Code
Change The Flixsterz Standard Categories & Use Your Own

All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT)
Flixsterz NEXT link

OTO 1 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate link

OTO 2 link (Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate)
Flixsterz NEXT Ultimate link

OTO 3 link (Flixsterz Next Agency 50)
Flixsterz Next Agency 50 link

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