Kickpages features – Top 5 features… 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Kickpages features – Top 5 features… 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Kickpages is one of the best website builder out there, hands down. In this post, will try to list the top five best of Kickpages features.

Kickpages top 5 features

Kickpages feature 1 – Free, blazing fast hosting
While using Kickpages, you do not have to pay for additional hosting, since they host your website for free included in your membership. Being free does not means that you get some shitty hosting with a bunch of limitations, your website is hosted on blazing fast, top of the line AWS servers. Fast servers are a must have these days since Google penalizes your rankings for slow servers and slow websites.

Kickpages feature 2 – Speed optimized websites
All pages built in Kickpages, being landing page, optin page, membership site, sales page, etc. are automatically optimized for performance, through CDNs (Content Delivery Network) and all the tweaks required in the source code. All uploaded images are automatically optimized, embedded videos have custom thumbnail placeholders, all CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript files are optimized and minimized, and so on. Every single tweak that counts in the eyes of search engines are in place and automatically applied to all pages created in Kickpages.

Kickpages feature 3 – Free SSL certificates
All websites hosted via Kickpages, have an automatically added free SSL certificate. The HTTPS protocol is a must have for every serious website these days and they are more and more required everywhere. Buying extra SSL certificates can be really expensive, as expensive as $200 per year and that can be applied on a per domain basis to.

Kickpages feature 4 – Thousands of templates
Kickpages already has hundreds of included templates, and adds time by time new templates. The additional templates are automatically added to older accounts to, so any update is available for all users, not only for new users. Many updates can be seen at including the time by time added new templates.

Kickpages feature 5 – Thousands of design blocks
Kickpabes has the ability to build even more templates because each of it’s templates is built up from individual building blocks and each building block can be taken out from any template and put into another template so there are basically infinite number of templates and infinite number of design options.

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