Pixivid Pro 2.0 OTO, Bundle and Downsell links + Bonus

Pixivid Pro 2.0 OTO, Bundle and Downsell links + Bonus

Pixivid Pro 2.0 OTO was released by Shelley Penney.

Pixivid Pro 2.0 has one front end option called Pixivid Pro 2.0.
This product also has a total of one OTO: Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition.
Pixivid Pro 2.0 also has one downsell called Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition – DOWNSELL. Please find the front end 1, the OTO 1 and the 1 downsell Pixivid Pro 2.0 links below:

Pixivid Pro 2.0 oto

All 1 Pixivid Pro 2.0 and 1 Pixivid Pro 2.0 downsell links below

Bundle 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 VIP Bundle)
– > Pixivid Pro 2.0 Bundle 1

Front End 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0)
– >
Pixivid Pro 2.0 Front End 1

OTO 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition)
– >
Pixivid Pro 2.0 OTO 1

Downsell 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition – DOWNSELL)
– > Pixivid Pro 2.0 Downsell 1

Pixivid Pro 2.0 video preview

Pixivid Pro 2.0 OTO details

No Technical Skill & Without Wasting Time
Making SPECTACULAR Videos Has Never Been Easier – NO Technical Skills Needed. You do not need to learn High Tech Programs like Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, or Premiere. Just Focus on Your Vision Without the Learning Curve!. The Fastest Way to Create SPECTACULAR Videos on The Market. Makes Videos in Just 3 Steps! : Click. Edit. Export!

Ready To Use – Sophisticated Templates
Choose from Our Library of Cutting-Edge Templates for Every Style – Create Professional Quality Videos with the Program You Already Know and Love. Professional Templates. Let’s You Just Click, Edit, and Poof! Done. If You’ve Done a PowerPoint, then You’re Ready to Make Excellent Videos in MINUTES!

pixivids pro 2.0 bundle image

Introducing : Pixivid Pro 2.0 – The World’s Most Easy-to-Use, Dynamic Video Templates

Pixivid Pro 2.0 is the Fastest and Most User-Friendly Video Templates on the Market. It Gives You 200+ Stylized, High Converting and Easy to Customize Templates!

Its Perfect for Beginners. Pixivid Works Off A Program Everyone Already Knows & Love … PowerPoint!

That’s Right, Pixivid Pro 2.0 Videos are FULLY EDITABLE On PowerPoint!

Get Super Results Without Hours of Training, or Thousands of Dollars. Pixivid Pro 2.0 Will Let You Publish Amazing Videos in A Short Time Span.

I’m not going to bore you with the stats. Video is hot, blah blah… That’s no surprise at this point. You know video is the go-to marketing tool that you MUST HAVE. You know businesses need video to reach their customers. You know the content needs to be fresh to keep attention.

pixivids pro 2.0 feature list

So here’s something you may not know!

Pixivid Pro has just been released. It’s the hottest video templates pack since forever, and it’s all done in PowerPoint!
It’s the most user friendly, trendy and up to date, easy to use program I’ve seen.

To make a Studio Quality video without this, you need:
– A Videographer, Designer, and Illustrator
– Thousands of Dollars
– HOURS of Tedious, Endless Editing
– And Months of Revision!

But now, with PIxivid Pro, you get FANTASTIC features to help you make videos in MINUTES! Get the program that gives you:
– 200+ Done-For-You Templates
– User-Friendly Tutorials
– Animation, Audio, and Transitions included!

pixivid pro 2.0 process

Right now, if you buy in the EARLY BIRD SALES PERIOD, you can have it all for JUST PEANUTS!
But you better hurry. It’s a DIME SALE- so it will NEVER be as inexpensive as it is right now!
We want to make sure you’re the first to have it, at the best possible price!

CREATE Fantastic Videos with NO Design Skills! Massive Discount Inside… Pixivid Pro is the MOST USER FRIENDLY Video Program on the Market.

It makes sure you never have to stress again about complex, technical problems, or expensive video studios again.
Other video studios have to pay monthly fees for heavyweight programs like Adobe Effects or Illustrator. On top of that, they take months to complete just one minute of video!
Those days are gone. Pixivid Pro delivers super easy tools for the modern business.

Inside, you get:
– Animation Video Templates
– Presentation Video Features
– Instagram Story Tools
– Instagram Post Templates
– Flyer Designs
– Facebook Cover Banners
– Vertical, Scroll Up Banners
– Movie Posters
– And much more!

All for the lowest price you will EVER see! But hurry, the super low price tag isn’t forever… When the Early Bird Period expires, the Price will Shoot Up! Don’t miss this incredible product deal. Get Your Discount Now

I’m sure you know a stunning video can earn a business MILLIONS if it goes viral! But making a video is a Huge Investment.
Our customers… people just like you,  used to stress over: Tedious Editing Software. Going Back and Forth with a Studio Crews Hours of Wasted Time, Money, and Stress But Pixivid Pro has changed all of that!

Now we have thousands of happy video creators who know something you are about to learn!
By giving you 200+ Stunning, Ready-to-Go Templates, Pixivid Pro lets you cut down the time to make a video by more than 90%!

It’s an incredible time saver!
And with Pixivid, you don’t need to download any fancy, complicated software.
Why? Because ALL our templates are FULLY EDITABLE in PowerPoint!
All you have to do is Open PowerPoint, and make your video in Three Simple Steps:
Step 1: Choose Your Gorgeous Template
Step 2: Customize it to Fit Your Brand
Step 3: Hit Publish!

Just like that, you start engaging your customers in mere MINUTES!
But hurry!

Pixivid Pro 2.0 is having a MASSIVE DISCOUNT  sale! After it’s over, All Coupons will Expire, and the Price Will Rise by 80% !
Copies are selling fast, and you don’t want to lose your chance!

Buy Pixivid Pro Today

Extra Bonus 1: Animated Video Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 1
Extra Bonus 2: Instagram Video Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 2
Extra Bonus 3: Logo Opener Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 3
Extra Bonus 4: Stories Banner Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 4
Extra Bonus 5: Instagram Banner Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 5
Extra Bonus 6: Flyer Banner Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 6
Extra Bonus 7: Resume Templates

pixivid pro 2.0 bonus 7

All links in this sales funnel:

Bundle 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 VIP Bundle)
Pixivid Pro 2.0 VIP Bundle link

Front End 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0)
Pixivid Pro 2.0 link

OTO 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition)
Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition link

Downsell 1 link (Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition – DOWNSELL)
Pixivid Pro 2.0 Golden Edition – DOWNSELL link

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