PopLinks OTO link and full sales funnel overview

PopLinks OTO link and full sales funnel overview

PopLinks OTO was released by Simon Warner.

PopLinks has one front end option called PopLinks.
This product also has a total of three OTOs: PopLinks Pro, PopLinks – Multi Client and PopLinks Live Event.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2 and 3 PopLinks links below:

PopLinks oto

All 3 PopLinks links below

Front End 1 link (PopLinks)
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PopLinks Front End 1

OTO 1 link (PopLinks Pro)
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PopLinks OTO 1

OTO 2 link (PopLinks – Multi Client)
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PopLinks OTO 2

OTO 3 link (PopLinks Live Event)
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PopLinks OTO 3

PopLinks overview video

PopLinks OTO details

So we know that Social Media has made it very EASY to make massive profits online


Yeah that hasn’t exactly been the case has it….

Click here to see the solution

I know people out there knocking out TikTok videos every single day and they are BROKE

I know people cranking out YouTube videos around the clock and they are BROKE

I know people still trying to crack Facebook ads and yup you guessed they are BROKE!

I’m going to tell you why…

Those social media platforms have built their own audiences

And these people are showing up every day and doing a “dog and pony show” and then leaving with nothing to show for it

I’m going to solve that problem right now… You need to create a LEAD CAPTURE FUNNEL… Now don’t confuse that with a sales funnel

I’m talking about a simple 2-step process that is setup to capture somebodys attention and they give you their email!

Now sites like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram you’re going to have a HOOk with your posts and your videos

A Hook is like the “BIG IDEA” that lightbulb moment in your talk

Once you have your hook you want to put it on a simple little lead capture funnel that makes them optin for more info!

Makes total sense right?

Well what if I told you that you could create those simple little lead captures in about 60 seconds!


If you can copy 3 lines of text you can create complete LEAD CAPTURE pages and BRIDGE pages in just 60 seconds.

Then your going to be able to knock out these beautiful web 2.0 pages!

poplinks bundle image

About The Product

PopLinks is different than anything you have ever seen before.  It was created with the Newbie in mind.

It allows the user to create simple lead capture funnels and bridge pages. The way they Do this is so unique from anything else you have ever seen and it allows you to put the Simple “Copy and Paste hook in your emails”

We didn’t just copy what all the other platforms we’re doing.  Instead we wanted to find a Solution that would allow the masses to very easily be able to create the same kind of High converting landing pages they see hitting their news feed each and every day!

We don’t believe your customers should be trying to create funnels unless of course They are creating their own products.  So this is NOT a funnel builder.

poplinks graphics

What’s Included in PopLinks

There are 3 modules in the PopLinks system with one to be released at our live event

#1 – PopPages
This is the core product and then one that will have the most focus on it.  The concept Is so unique and so need we believe it will convert like crazy.  It’s been in beta for the Last 2 months are members are LOVING the platform

#2 – PopLinks
This is a simple link management system.  It uses the same domains as PopPages But it makes creating links very easy.  It’s a recreation of our EasyLinks tool that Was created back in 2013 that still has users on it today!

#3 – Page Snaps
This system allows us to bring in other people’s content and deploy snippets and popups Over the top of the pages.  This allows the user to build a list or make sales from other Peoples content

#3 – Traffic Blasts (releases in November)
This module allows the user to setup paid traffic campaigns.  The user is not able to Select one of their lead capture funnels and create a campaign with that page. They Enter the vendor and costs, and the system will automatically place the tracking Pixel for them.  It’s PERFECT for people that want to rent lists and do solo ads

How You Could Use PopLinks

You’ve heard the expression the money is in the list?  Well ONLY if you have a page that converts!  Your lead capture funnel is setup and ready to convert to paying subscribers in about 60 seconds

One of the FASTEST ways to the most profits online is by selling other people’s products as an affiliate!  Our pages make it EASY to bridge to other people’s offers

Local Businesses are starting to understand websites are DEAD! They are too overwhelming and nobody has the patience to scroll through tabs anymore.  People love simple little landing page that deliver an enticing message to its audience

If you’re creating any kind of social media.  YouTube, Instagram, TickTok, LinkedIn, Facebook.  Use these pages to capture people interested in your hook and get them off of the social platforms and into your list

If you’re looking to rent other people’s lists these pages are the fastest and highest converting pages you’re going to find online!

One of the secrets to selling a lot of products and services is by creating a pre-sell landing page.  Now you’re able to do that in 60 seconds and your page is going to get accessed 3x more than traditional landing page builders. These landing pages are EXACTLY what the biggest guys in the business are using to bring in MILLIONS of dollars in sales from their paid ad campaigns!  It’s a simple blueprint

How to use PopLinks?

Step #1
User fills out the ”Global Editor” and all of the themes Update At Once!  ALL OF THE THEMES ARE PROVEN TO CONVERT!  They Only Need To Choose The ONE THEME!

Step #2
The user then chooses the theme that he likes the best.  It’s Going to be easy because these themes are from the top converting designs today!

Step #3
The user is then able to edit their 1st Step.  They have full page editor functionality within this page (Most of the time it’s not needed)

PopLinks OTO and upsell links

Front End – $297 One Time
PopLinks is setup so that you can GIVE away the lite version after the launch And we will UPGRADE their account and get your commission. The upgrades Happen inside the software, in our community and in our followups! This is an AMAZING Evergreen offer for you!

It has an entire funnel behind it that we want to share with you.  So after the Launch please reach out to us so that we can let your NON BUYERS no they Should grab the FREE LITE VERSION!

Also it would be An AMAZING IDEA For you to segment or tag your openers And clickers so that you know who was interested!

OTO1 – $297 One Time
PopLinks Live Event – $297 One-Time
This will be a LIVE EVENT that takes place on November 05 – 06 here in Las Vegas. The participants will be arriving to setup their funnels with this PopLinks.

We are also Guaranteeing that they will receive LEAD AT THE EVENT!  Our events ALWAYS sell Out and we would LOVE to have our JV’s there.  It’s days before Simon’s event so please show up so that we can tie you into our Evergreen program!  You can make sales GIVING AWAY the lite version of PopLinks!

OTO2 – $497 One Time
PopLinks Multi-Client Login – $297 One-Time
This is NOT a typical agency white label as we don’t want to dilute the Integrity of the software and the brand

It does however allow the user to add clients to their software.

They can then see their clients campaigns and statistics and they can Automatically login to their clients account from their special dashboard



All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (PopLinks)
PopLinks link

OTO 1 link (PopLinks Pro)
PopLinks Pro link

OTO 2 link (PopLinks – Multi Client)
PopLinks – Multi Client link

OTO 3 link (PopLinks Live Event)
PopLinks Live Event link

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