Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content OTO – All 2 OTO and downsell links

Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content OTO – All 2 OTO and downsell links

Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content OTO was released by Steve Mellor.

Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content has one front end option called Premium Leatherworking.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: Premium Leatherworking Video Upgrade and Premium Leatherworking Website Upgrade.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 links below:

Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content oto

All 2 Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content links below

Please purchase the Front End Before Any OTO purchase,
you can purchase one or more OTOs directly from below if already purchased the Front End offer for Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content!

Premium Leatherworking Done-For-You content video preview

In this pack of premium, Done-For-You content, you get ten, quality articles that are brand new and have been written exclusively for this pack. To make it easy for you to use this however you need, you get the articles in various formats, including plain text, WordPress Markup and professionally designed PDFs that include a unique, deluxe layout full of beautiful images of the leatherworking process (all sourced from royalty-free repositories, to make sure they are safe for you to use).

I just wanted to let you know about a new Done-For-You content bundle being released today. This is a stunning pack called ‘Premium Leatherworking’ from a guy named Steve Mellor. Now, Steve has been a content creator for years, and it shows…

This thing oozes QUALITY! >> You Have To Check This Out For Yourself…

Each piece has been turned into a stunning PDF that’s so good that you can start giving it to your audience without having to make any changes. The pack consists of 10, 15,00-word articles about leatherworking. It’s perfect for anyone already in the Crafts/DIY niche (or those wanting to enter it).

What’s more, it’s an overlooked niche at the moment, and there are a ton of opportunities to monetize it. Make sure you grab this is right now. You won’t be disappointed…

The Crafts & DIY niches are exploding right now, and people are crying out for new things to try… But, a sub-niche of that is Leatherworking. Leatherworking is a $200 Billion industry on its own, with affiliate offers available, and yet virtually no one has stepped foot in this niche.

The best way to exploit this virgin territory is with the new Premium Leatherworking pack by Steve Mellor. This is a remarkable pack of done-for-you content that lets you…
– Put your name on it as author
– Bundle it with other products
– Use it for lead magnets, giveaways or bonus content

Here’s a list of the articles in this pack:
– 6 Tips for Making Better Cuts In Leather
– 10 Amazing and Creative Things You Can Do With Leather
– 10 Simple Leather Projects For Beginner Leather Crafters
– Choosing & Applying Leather Glue  A Leatherworker’s Guide
– From Animal To Workshop How Leather Is Made
– How to Find & Buy the Right Leather for Your Projects
– How to skive leather for your projects – the key to perfect lightweight bags and wallets
– Selling Leather – The Most Profitable Leather Goods To Make & Sell And How To Do It
– The 12 Most Important Leather Crafting Tools Every Crafter Needs
– Top Tips For Working With Thin Leather

And, right now, you can get this pack for the lowest ever price. But, you need to hurry as the price is going up every 2 hours. I know that you’re always looking for something special… Well, I’ve got something to show you that is going to blow your mind.

My friend Steve has just released his first-ever Done For You content pack in the Crafts/DIY niche… And, it’s all about Leatherworking… Don’t be fooled!

Leatherworking is a $200 Billion a year industry, and it’s virtually overlooked right now, even though there are loads of ways to monetize it as a niche. Premium Leatherworking is a Done For You content bundle that gives you a massive head start. This goes way beyond most of the PLR out there right now. Each article is at least 1,500 words long (many packs are just 500 words per article)…

…And they look INCREDIBLE!

That’s because you don’t just get the articles themselves, but you also get these amazing PDFs that will take your breath away. Look, I don’t say this often, but this pack is so well designed that you could just slap your own title pages on these reports, and you’d be proud to give it to anyone. >> Get Your Copy At The Best Price Here

So, you’ve already got these incredibly designed PDFs that just ooze quality, and the massive length of the articles, which blows other content packs out of the water… You’d think that would be enough… But no! Each article also comes with a specially designed Carousel post for Instagram to help you promote the content.

This is an incredible opportunity to explore a massive, underserved niche without the hassle of having to write anything yourself. But, it is currently on special pricing for the launch, and it won’t stay that way forever. Once this launch ends, everything is going to jump to its original price.

Front End: Premium Leatherworking
10 Premium Leatherworking Content Pieces
Each Piece With A Minimum of 1500 Words
Image Links Included For Each Article
10 Beautifully Designed Carousel Posts

OTO #1: Video Upgrade
10 Professionally Created Videos
Both Wide and Square Formats
Each video is 8 to 9 minutes in length
All videos are UNBRANDED. Use them anywhere!
Add your own intro & graphics to brand them as your own
Green Screen version of the videos included

OTO #2: Website Upgrade
A WordPress Website installed on their servers
Loaded with all 10 of the Leatherworking articles
Beautifully designed template
Loaded with the optimal plugins for WordPress

All links in this sales funnel: