3DAnimationBundle OTO every link

3DAnimationBundle OTO every link

3DAnimationBundle OTO was released by Shelley Penney.

3DAnimationBundle has one front end option called 3DAnimationBundle.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: 3DAnimationBundle Super Sized and VIP Elite Graphics & Video.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 3DAnimationBundle links below:

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Front End 1 link (3DAnimationBundle)
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3DAnimationBundle Front End 1

OTO 1 link (3DAnimationBundle Super Sized)
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3DAnimationBundle OTO 1

Bundle 1 link (3DToonMaker BUNDLE)
– > 3DAnimationBundle Bundle 1

Bundle 2 link (Creative Agency FX Bundle)
– > 3DAnimationBundle Bundle 2

OTO 2 link (VIP Elite Graphics & Video)
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3DAnimationBundle OTO 2

3DAnimationBundle OTO details

I’m not going to bore you with the stats. Video is hot, blah blah… That’s no surprise at this point. You know video is the go-to marketing tool that you MUST HAVE. You know businesses need video to reach their customers. You know the content needs to be fresh to keep attention.

So here’s something you may not know!

DFY 3D Video Templates in Pixar Style- Easy editing in Powerpoint

An advanced, state-of-the-art 3D animation suite to make professional videos without needing expert skills.

Thousands of files include 3D video templates, backgrounds, characters, objects, and more so you can create stunning and unique videos to fit your audience.

It only takes a few minutes! Fast 3D video building lets you move on to other things on your to-do list.

Simple drag and drop ability  gives you complete control over your video-making experience.

Video tutorial to guide you through user-friendly 3D animation suite and complete your project in no time.

No need to be a pro! Our 3D animation suite is simple to use for even the newest video creators.

Files come in multiple formats. That means the assets can be used  in ANY video creation software tool.
What’s Included:

Module 1 – 10 Hollywood-Style 3D Video Templates
Module 2 – 5 Professional Characters To Tell Your Story PLUS BONUSES!
Module 3 – 5 Distinctive Family Characters
Module 4 – 10 Ready-To-Go Transportation Kit
Module 5 – 10 Realistic And Exciting Landmark Packs
Module 6 – 15 Gorgeous 3D Rooms
Module 7 – 30 Fun and Exciting 3D Emoji Packs
Module 8 – 20 3D Hand Gestures To Communicate Your Message
Module 9 – 50 Studio-Style 3D Objects
Module 10 – 30 Eye-Catching 3D Sticker Packs

COMMERCIAL LICENSE WITH FRONT END PURCHASE only during launch. After launch, commercial license will only be available with upgrade. Multiple animated and static formats make it compatible with virtually any software.

How Can They Be Used:
Creating 3D Animated Videos Pixar style is a snap with DFY templates and tons of characters, rooms, landmarks, backgrounds, vehicles, objects, hand gestures and MORE!
Types of videos you can make include VSL, explainer, tutorial, courses, virtual tours, creating cartoons, and more!
Use animated characters on website as website greeter or presenter
Use animated and/or static graphics and characters in your website design
Use static 3D elements in digital product and ebook/report mockups
Use them in physical print products such as fliers, posters, product labels.
Can be used for physical products like T-shirts
Use them in coloring books or other kinds of content publishing (even products you will be reselling on marketplaces like Amazon!)
Create comic books or strips
Use them in your memes or social media posts
Use them to illustrate books or magazines

As long as you have the commercial license you can do ALL of these things! Commercial license will be available on the front end purchase during the launch period. After the launch ends, an upgrade purchase will be required to have commercial licensing rights.

3D Animation Bundle has just been released. It’s the hottest video templates pack- there’s really nothing to compare it to!
It’s the most user friendly, trendy and up to date, easy to use program I’ve seen. And it’s SUPER HOT! I mean EVERYONE wants to make 3D video….  
To make a Studio Quality 3D toon video without this, you need:
 A 3D artist and animator, a video Designer, a script writer, a great idea (well a lot of great ideas)
Thousands of Dollars
HOURS of Tedious, Endless Editing
And Months of Revision!

But now, with 3D Animation Bundle, you get FANTASTIC features to help you make 3D videos in MINUTES! Get the program that gives you:
Done-For-You Templates 3D Pixar style
User-Friendly Tutorials

Characters, objects, vehicles, 3D rooms and geographical landmarks and so much more!
Animation, Audio, and Transitions included!
Right now, if you buy in the EARLY BIRD SALES PERIOD, you can have it all for JUST PEANUTS!
But you better hurry. It will NEVER be as inexpensive as it is right now!
We want to make sure you’re the first to have it, at the best possible price!

3D Animation Bundle is the MOST USER FRIENDLY Video creation tool on the Market.
Let’s make sure you never have to stress again about complex, technical problems, or expensive video studios.

With other video collections, you have to pay monthly fees for heavyweight programs like Adobe Effects or Illustrator. On top of that, they take months to complete just one minute of video!

Those days are gone. 3D Animation Bundle delivers super easy tools for the modern business.

Inside, you get:
– 5 Distinctive Family Characters with 15 animated actions
– 5 Professional Characters To Tell Your Story with 15 animated actions
– 10 Hollywood-Style 3D Video Templates
– 10 Ready-To-Go Transportation Kit
– 10 Realistic And Exciting Landmark Packs
– 15 Gorgeous 3D Rooms
– 30 Fun and Exciting 3D Emoji Packs
– 20 3D Hand Gestures To Communicate Your Message
– 50 Studio-Style 3D Objects
– 30 Eye-Catching 3D Sticker Packs

All for the lowest price you will EVER see!

Honestly, I LOVE the new 3D toon videos, but in a million years I probably couldn’t make one even if you gave me all the characters, the backgrounds and the object.

BUT, if you made the video FOR ME, and then gave me all those extras, I’m pretty sure I could swap out a character or change a scene!
And that is why I am SO excited today!

3D Animation Bundle is a brand new 3D animation Product (surprise!)
It’s jammed full of 3D animated characters, objects, hand gestures, emojis, animated vehicles, 3D rooms, world landmarks, and SO MUCH MORE- but my favorite BY FAR are the video templates.

Created in Powerpoint, these are DFY 3D toon videos that you can swap out any of the objects and characters to create your own professional Pixar quality video!
You MUST check it out here!

All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (3DAnimationBundle)
3DAnimationBundle link

OTO 1 link (3DAnimationBundle Super Sized)
3DAnimationBundle Super Sized link

Bundle 1 link (3DToonMaker BUNDLE)
3DToonMaker BUNDLE link

Bundle 2 link (Creative Agency FX Bundle)
Creative Agency FX Bundle link

OTO 2 link (VIP Elite Graphics & Video)
VIP Elite Graphics & Video link

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