CopySketch OTO – All OTOs 1, 2, 3 and 4 in one place!

CopySketch OTO – All OTOs 1, 2, 3 and 4 in one place!

CopySketch OTO was released by Yogesh Agarwal.

CopySketch has one front end option called CopySketch.
This product also has a total of four OTOs: Pro, Visual Edition, Whitelabel and Delta.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2, 3 and 4 links below:

CopySketch oto

All 4 CopySketch links below

Please purchase the Front End Before Any OTO purchase,
you can purchase one or more OTOs directly from below if already purchased the Front End offer for CopySketch!

CopySketch OTO details

Let me ask you a few direct questions…

Is creating attention-grabbing marketing content and design templates for sales pages, emails, opt-in pages, ads, and others to get plenty of traffic and leads tough?

Do you have no idea because you are forced to pay recurring charges to freelancers to create your marketing copies and design templates?

If you said yes, I’m here with good news…

Yeah, your frustration to resolve your challenges is going to end soon…

And guess what?

You also won’t have to sweat anymore to create marketing content and design templates on your own or outsource anyone to do the job for you…

Sounds good?

Would you believe me if I told you that a stunning module to help you create all types of marketing content and designs in any niche is coming?

Hey, I’m not here to crack jokes!

Yup, you are only days away from accessing a patented AI-powered software that will help you create all those super-engaging marketing content and designs without any hassles…

Yes, once this module comes your way, you will be in a position to:

Create high-converting marketing content and their designs to meet your goals in any niche.
Edit DFY design templates and make them in sync with your niche’s requirements.
Generate insane traffic and killer leads out of your every marketing copy.

And even a lot more…

And here’s the best part…

You will also be able to live a laptop lifestyle using this software…


Because you will make cool money online by offering marketing content and design template creation services to desperate buyers…

And this way, you will pocket 100% of pure profits without sharing…

All set to go for this module?

Don’t wait, and miss it once it goes LIVE!

Because you can finally beat your rivals in your niche and fetch massive business results in your favor…

Register right away, and I will also give you bonuses worth $19,999 FREE to make this deal even sweeter…

You and your subscribers have to design their marketing content templates on their own. Now, they may not have any idea how to do it perfectly and the effort may go down the drain because there may be zero conversions.
You and your tribe have to hire marketing content template designing experts and pay them highly recurring charges just to design a single marketing content template.
It also means being dependent on them and continue waiting for a single marketing content template design for ages and yet being skeptical if it will work in your niche.
Further, the delivered templates may not be compatible with the formats where you want to use them. It further means being unable to correctly use them and end up on the losing side despite splurging.
Using a marketing content template designing software also means going through a steep learning curve. It denotes the wasting of valuable time that would have otherwise been invested in the business growth.

How many times you and your subscribers have stared at blank screens for hours thinking about what to write in different types of marketing content?

It must have happened on different occasions, right?

Yeah, you and your tribe may not have any idea what to write inside your marketing content like sales page copies, email swipes, video scripts, ads, banners and so much more…

And it frustrates your subs to keep them behind their rivals…
But what If we told you that it will be super possible for your clan to write those attention-grabbing marketing content without ever typing a single word and trying hard?

Would you believe us? Well, you have no reason not to!

Because hey, that’s absolutely true!

Yes, that’s so true!
Because believe it or not, technology has been evolving big time to make your and your tribe’s business results super improved, and 2022 is no exception!

And it also involves the rise of a ground-breaking ‘Patent Pending’ AI technology!

It is crafted to help you and your subs write multiple quality marketing content and use fully customizable DFY marketing content design templates using an in-built editor.

Needless to say, once you deploy this tech, you and your tribe will supercharge results in any niche!

And did you know all these make you and your subs avoid all the earlier mentioned pain points and focus only on the business growth?

Of course, it resolves all!

Front End – CopySketch Commercial
400 Templates From Multiple Categories
100 Page Design Options For Selected Categories
Generates 50 Scripts Every Day
Enabled With Hosting.
End-To-End Training Material Included.
Commercial License Available.

OTO1 – CopySketch Pro
300 Page Design Options For Major Categories
Generate Unlimited Scripts
Build SEO Friendly Pages
Add Meta OG Tags
Create Mobile Responsive Pages
50 Reseller License Included
Unlimited Hosting – No Hosting Required
Add Branding To Your Pages And Logo
50 Reseller License of CopySketch FE

OTO2 – CopySketch PropelStocks
Get Access to Over 50 Million Stock Images to

OTO3 – CopySketch Visualab
Get 100% DFY Banners, Ads, Promo Videos, Cover Images for All Social Media for Over 30 Categories

OTO4 – CopySketch Whitelabel
Comes With 100 To 300 Whitelabel Licenses Of CopySketch

OTO5 – CopySketch SEO Pack
50 SEO Tools – Includes SEO Tools To Rank Pages, Generate Traffic, And Leads
Site Analysis – Lets You Do The  SEO Analysis For Your Pages In Minutes

OTO6 – CopySketch Delta
Makes You Easily Drive Free Buyer Traffic Within Seconds Across Different Niches

Let’s talk heart to heart in this mail and I’ll only take 2-3 minutes of your time… but it will be worth every minute!

Who does not want to become successful and leave a boring 9 to 6 job ? and earn huge even when asleep?

Well, that’s the dream ? of almost everyone!

And to cherish this dream, you must have tried several times, and faced issues, like:

Develop a product or a solution that may work in your niche.
Invest your hard-earned money, blood, and sweat into it.
Hiring professionals and paying them top dollars to set up your business.
Still have no idea if your module will be good enough to help you run a profitable business and lead to a laptop lifestyle.

You will agree with me that all this means playing in the blind with no surety of results…

But it’s time to rise above all these and finally fulfill your wish of having your own business and making insane money online…

Hey, I’m not kidding!

Because I’m writing you ✒️ about an unseen solution to finally end your woes – once and for all!

With this solution, you will be able to offer marketing content creation like sales pages, emails, video sales letters, CTAs, headlines, and more and their design templates to hungry buyers…

And once that happens, you will start earning big and have your own 6-figure agency…

Because you will have the freedom to charge your users any amount and not share profits with anyone.

All this will be possible because of…


CopySketch is a patented AI-tech solution that lets you access attention-grabbing marketing content and design templates – leading to traffic and leads in any niche!

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with a remarkable feature called Commercial License.

Using the same, you can offer marketing content copy and design template creation to your users at any price and keep 100% of profits.

CopySketch is heavily loaded with awesome highlights, like:

400 Templates From Multiple Categories Like Sales Page, Upsell Pages, CTAs, Headlines, Squeeze Pages, And Even More
100 Page Design Options
Ability To Generate 50 Scripts Per Day
In-Built Content Editor
Cloud-Based App
DFY Training Module
And even a lot more…

If you have wasted money using different modules to make some, just stop!

Because an unprecedented business opportunity to earn big and become a known name is waiting for you!

All you have to do is – book CopySketch right away ? [Link]

And hey, you also have nothing at stake if this app does not work for you…

Because you can ask for a 100% refund within 30-days of your order…

And let me sweeten your deal – get fast-action bonuses worth $19,999 FREE if you make CopySketch yours today!

I had dropped you an email a few days before intimating you about a remarkable solution launching that will finally engage your users and convert them into paying customers…

Remember that?

I am again writing you today because that module is now LIVE!

Do you know you need something appealing enough to arrest the attention of your users…enough to help them take action?

And one of them is having the best quality marketing content like sales pages, emails, ads, banners, opt-in pages, CTAs, headlines, and even their designs…

If not, then your prospects may simply abandon your campaigns…

However, the big problem is creating high-converting marketing content and design templates is not easy…and it involves many roadblocks…

Yup, you may have faced many challenges to create the best marketing content and designs and tried different solutions, like:

Staring at blank screens for hours thinking about what to write.
Bothering if your created marketing content will indeed appeal in your niche.
Spend a fortune on hiring copywriters, wait for ages for the final product, and still be unconvinced about their delivered results.
Buying expensive software solutions to create content online.
Splurging huge on getting designs for marketing content created.
Buying costly tools to manage designing marketing content templates.
Still being unsure because you have no idea whether delivered design templates will fit in your campaign formats and will be compatible everywhere.
Stressing about being behind your rivals despite spending so much.

What’s the solution, then?

Don’t stress at all!

Because I have realized the significance of the next-level AI tech…

And I have leveraged it to come up with a solution that could easily address your woes…


It’s patented AI-powered software that creates attention-grabbing and high-converting marketing content and design templates for any campaigns in any niche…

Using CopySketch is also less complicated…

Because all it takes is only 3 steps to work wonders…

Step 1 – Login To The CopySketch App And Select The Content & Niche You Want To Create For.
Step 2 – Let AI Do The MAGIC!
Our AI Will Now Create High-Converting Marketing Copies And Even Offer Marketing Content Design Templates To Meet Your Needs.

Step 3 – That’s It!
Download, Publish And Start Driving Traffic That Converts And Makes Sales For You 24X7!

And CopySketch is even jam-packed with outstanding features, like:

400 Templates From Multiple Categories Like Sales Page, Upsell Pages, CTAs, Headlines, Squeeze Pages, And Even More.
100 Page Design Options
Ability To Generate 50 Scripts Per Day
In-Built Content Editor
Cloud-Based App
DFY Training Module

And so much more…
And it even lets you make insane money online…

Yeah, you can offer marketing content and design template creation services to desperate buyers at no extra cost…

What does it mean?

You are free to ask for any amount from desperate buyers and keep 100% profits yourself.

So, don’t look elsewhere and continue suffering…

Book CopySketch now, and even walk away with fast-action bonuses worth $19,999 FREE…

And guess what?

You can also ask for a 100% refund if my software fails to live up to your expectations…

Yeah, let me know within 30-days of your purchase and get your every penny refunded…

And that means your investment is super secured!

So, rush, and get CopySketch today before the price goes up!

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