ICC Express 3.0 OTO and ICC Express 3.0 downsell

ICC Express 3.0 OTO and ICC Express 3.0 downsell

ICC Express 3.0 OTO was released by Hugh Hitchcock.

ICC Express 3.0 has one front end option called Main Offer.
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ICC Express 3.0 oto

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ICC Express 3.0 Front End 1

ICC Express has been around for a long time but I’ve lovingly updated it to keep up with the current state of internet platforms. ICC Express 2.0 and our other tools are very attractive to anyone who uses WordPress and Facebook. The curation ability is outstanding.

But now I’ve just put the finishing touches on ICC Express 3.0 with a completely new functionality, new look and lots of new features. Even if your customers bought ICC Express 1.0 or 2.0 in years past, they will still WANT TO BUY THIS NEW VERSION as it is a step up from previous versions. And I’ve worked very hard to make it so for the last six years. ICC Express 3.0 Is a Social Media Tool as much as a Blogging Tool. So you can approach your customers from either angle, or both. Then there’s also the ”millions of royalty-free images” angle

Front end: The front end product is our amazing ICC Express 3.0 Groups Edition Software. We will have an early bird offer but this will end up at $67 one time payment.

OTO 1: The first upsell will be our amazing TapVIDz Express Groups Edition software that allows you to quickly create meme and powerpoint type videos and post them quickly to your Groups and other video platforms. Amazing cloud-based platform $97

OTO 1 Downsell: If the customer declines the first upsell, they will be presented with a HUGE ARRAY of our tools for a low introductory offer of $27 for the first month, followed by $37 per month for all my other software plus weekly live calls with me. If they take this offer that will be the end of the funnel.

OTO 2 Upsell: After OTO 1 purchase they will be offered our other cool tool, SociWorkz Pro. This is a social media posting tool with a calendar and tons of curation tools. Posting to Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and More. $47

OTO 3 Upsell: The customer will be offered a special, low one-time price to get into my USM University and Agency Software membership which includes all my software, weekly live calls, exclusive Facebook support group and fully stocked member site. $297

Because in addition to the robust blogging tools I have now added Facebook Groups into the equation with Facebook’s “kosher” Groups API (approved). We’ve always had Facebook Pages but it was mainly for sharing links, and we all know that Groups are now the most powerful entity on Facebook for organic marketing. That’s why I’ve also completely updated the entire imaging functionality so that the software now downloads all the images in memory before posting directly to the photo feeds as photo binaries rather than a link — including EXIF data which is automatically injected into Jpegs based on keywords. This goes for Facebook Pages, Groups, Twitter feed and your blog’s media library.

    Blogs: Curate from our preloaded news sources or your own targeted news sources.
    Blogs: Curate content directly from Google (100% white hat I will train you!)
    Blogs: Manage media, exif and upload images directly to your blog’s media library
    Blogs: Curate and create easy content from millions of videos – search and curate
    Blogs: easily share any new or existing post to your Social Media feeds
    Blogs: WP REST API compliant
    Images: Keyword search, download, mark up, post, save to disk
    Images: Choose from literally millions of royalty free images from multiple sources
    Images: Easy Meme Creator, just a few clicks to Meme & Post!
    Images: put EXIF Data into the images before posting!
    Images: Post photo binaries directly to WP Media Libraries!
    Images: post binaries directly to Twitter, Facebook Pages & Groups photo feeds (not just links)
    Videos: Search and Curate from Millions of keyword-related videos
    Videos: Create full blog posts with text content from curated video captioning
    Social Media: Post to a Facebook Page, or multiple Facebook Pages
    Social Media: Post to a Facebook Group, or multiple Facebook Groups
    Social Media: Post to one or more Twitter Feeds
    Social Media: Curate News and Videos or just post text
    Social Media: Post images directly as binaries to photo feeds
    Social Media: Curate from Your Own Blogs to your social media channels

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