ImagickPro OTO all links

ImagickPro OTO all links

ImagickPro OTO was released by Simon Warner.

ImagickPro has one front end option called ImagickPro.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: ImagickPro Upgrade and Allclick – Twitter and MORE.
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 links below:

ImagickPro oto

All 2 ImagickPro links below

Front End 1 link (ImagickPro)
– >
ImagickPro Front End 1

OTO 1 link (ImagickPro Upgrade)
– >
ImagickPro OTO 1

OTO 2 link (Allclick – Twitter and MORE)
– >
ImagickPro OTO 2

ImagickPro video preview

ImagickPro OTO details

– All the right design tools your customer needs in one place
– Create amazing graphic design for podcast, video cover etc
– Comes with great graphic designer for both video and static design
– Allows customer create and bring their design into cd cover software box, pocast video etc
– Create interesting animation with GIF, timer etc. Design video like you’re drawing on a chalkboard
– With one click, remove photo backdrop

Frontend offer
– Over 5000 design templates
– Unlimited stock photos, icons and logos
– Animation presets, alpha mask pack
– Audio visualizer maker
– Cd/DVD cover maker
– Photo collage , QR code generator
– Access to Audio merger, 3D tools
– Access to all graphic designer tools
– A.I photo backdrop removal tool

OTO1 – Professional
– Access tool to convert video to web-ready GIF image, split photo into several parts of equal size. Create podcast video or audio, suitable for social media post. General logo reveal video

OTO2 – Unlimited
– Access to tons of video templates
– Access to 100 royalty free music backgrounds.
– Automatic designer portfolion page
– Support to export video to 4k resolution
– Render up to 1440 mins video duration
– Animated emoji pack

OTO3 – Bundle Deal
– Access to all OTO and tools. Also you can leverage the power of ImagickPro via our REST API.

All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (ImagickPro)
ImagickPro link

OTO 1 link (ImagickPro Upgrade)
ImagickPro Upgrade link

OTO 2 link (Allclick – Twitter and MORE)
Allclick – Twitter and MORE link

Sales page preview