Kyza OTO – All OTOs, Downsell and Bundle offer links

Kyza OTO – All OTOs, Downsell and Bundle offer links

Kyza OTO was released by Dr.Amit Pareek.

Kyza has one front end option called Kyza Commercial.
This product also has a total of three OTOs: Kyza Elite One Time Deal, Kyza Enterprise Commercial and Kyza Agency Commercial.
Kyza also has one downsell called Kyza Lite. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2 and 3 and the 1 downsell links below:

Kyza oto

All 3 Kyza and 1 Kyza downsell links below

Front End 1 link (Kyza Commercial)
– >
Kyza Front End 1

OTO 1 link (Kyza Elite One Time Deal)
– >
Kyza OTO 1

Downsell 1 link (Kyza Lite)
– > Kyza Downsell 1

OTO 2 link (Kyza Enterprise Commercial)
– >
Kyza OTO 2

OTO 3 link (Kyza Agency Commercial)
– >
Kyza OTO 3

Bundle 1 link (Kyza Bundle Offer)
– > Kyza Bundle 1

Kyza OTO details

The Incredible Landing Page Builder Suite
Fully Customizable Editor
With this fully customizable editor, creating stunning landing pages for any biz or marketing campaign even without any designing or programming skills will be a child’s play.

Fast CDN
The landing pages that you will build using Kyza will be super fast with the supersonic and world-class content delivery network. This way, your users will be able to access even lengthy content inside your landing pages with minimal delay.

Mobile-Responsive Page Builder
A large number of people access the net over their smartphones, and that’s why your pages must be mobile-responsive. The pages that you build using Kyza will be mobile-responsive so that they load and are accessed faster on any mobile device, like mobile, laptop or tablet.

100% SEO Friendly Pages
Once you create landing pages using Kyza, you also don’t need to worry about traffic. Yes, they are all 100% SEO optimized pages that will help you to enhance your rankings effortlessly.

Ability To Undo And Redo
You will have complete control to undo or even redo any actions on your built or being created landing pages.

Advanced Pixels Integration
With this advanced pixels integration feature, building a custom audience will be possible. Also, you can easily indulge in adding retargeting and analytics pixels – all in a single click.

No Hosting Or Domain Needed
There is no need to invest in extra hosting services or even domain for your users’ landing pages. Leave all to Kyza to do those without issues. Yes, they will be able to host their landing pages on our ultra-fast and secure servers.

The Truly Stunning Graphics Kit Graphics Templates And In-Built

Pixabay Integration
Kyza is loaded with different styles of graphics templates to catch your users by frenzy and never lose engagements and leads. The app also lets you the awesome in-built Pixabay integration. This will allow your users to get their hands on high-quality and engaging designs and graphics. Needless to mention, all these will help you to build your brand.

Done-For-You Graphics Template Pack For Local Niches
It is loaded with 20+ Local Niches Graphic Templates pack that is designed by industry experts. These templates are available in different styles and shapes that works on any device and suitable for any platforms like social media, blogs, website etc. You are getting Abstract Images, Stock Photos, Social Media Timeline Covers Images, Logo Kit, Ebook Cover Templates, Business Cards, Brochures & so much more…

Conversion Boosting Smart Optin Forms Suite
Smart Lead Generation Optin Forms
You will be able to access smart lead generation optin forms, which, in turn, will lead to a higher collection of leads without running any expensive paid campaigns.

Multiple Optin Forms For Every Marketing Goal To Capture Leads
You will be able to capture leads with multiple types of forms. Yes, you have the freedom to choose from multiple form types, like Lightboxes, Splash, Footer bar, header bar and boxes.

Their transition on the desired pages can be activated with the animations available in the tool itself while publishing. And each optin form has its own application. Once you use diverse optin form types, you can grab leads the best possible way out of every marketing campaign easily. Optin forms can be used for lead generation, driving webinar registrations, running hook based lead generation discounts and coupons, and offering campaigns for driving online event bookings and many other applications.

AI-Enabled Smart Pop-up Form Technology
Using this advanced tech, you will be able to showcase your offer as per the URL or the content your visitor is accessing. Yes, this new-age AI-powered optin form shows your users a Popup according to their interest. It helps you with easy user targeting based on their preferred URLs.

Seamless Optin Forms Integration With Any Page Builder
The optin forms built using Kyza will work seamlessly with any of the leading websites, like, WordPress, Shopify or even more. In turn, you get all the freedom to garner limitless leads across all platforms.

GDPR And CAN-SPAM Compliant Lead Generation
When it comes to lead generation using Kyza, you can be safe with a built-in checkbox for GDPR. You can reassure your users that their data is well protected and command a boost in engagements and optins.

Ability To Reduce Bounce Rates
You can easily reduce your bounce rates with the in-built Exit Intent Technology. Here, pop-ups will be shown that will be relevant to your users’ interests, content and offers and more. In turn, it will make you fetch those leads.

The Powerful Email Autoresponder Module
Drag-N-Drop Email Editor Technology
Leave all your worries to craft a powerful biz email to send to your list. Yes, because you have exclusive access to the in-built text and inline editor. In turn, designing and sending the best emails will be super possible.

Easy Email Sending Scheduling
It is up to you to easily send a mail right away or schedule one when required. Now, there is no need to do all on your own and waste the precious time you can devote to your biz.

Seamless SMTP Integration
You have an exclusive SMTP integration with our Autoresponder tool so that your users can send emails using the SMTP that they prefer.

Email Personalization Made Possible
Now, personalizing your emails with your name, Geolocation for enhanced engagements is extremely easy.

In-Built Smart Email Targeting Technology
Using this advanced tech, you will be able to precisely target your visitors depending on their Geo locations. This means you can drop emails right inside their email inboxes and boost open rates.

Easy List Import Facility
Now, you can easily import an unlimited subscriber database. You can simply import from third-party apps, you can upload your list in CSV or excel sheet formats from your own laptop and send limitless emails without backbreaking. In turn, you will be able to save plenty of time.

Smart Lead Management System
Now, smartly managing your generated leads, segmenting them as per geo-location, interactions with your campaigns, their past purchase or past action behaviour in Email Autoresponder will be all easy.

Zapier Integration
Integration with Zapier is also made possible inside the Kyza app. Now, connecting hundreds of clouds app and other services to share data across tools will be possible minus the hassles.

API Integrations
Now, you will be able to Integrate with any third-party tools to capture qualified leads.

Wait, Kyza Is Loaded With Many More Fabolous Features…

Advanced Analytics & Reporting
You will be able to track the performance of your campaigns with deep analytics. Yes, you can access Analytics for landing pages, emails sent, leads generated, opens and clicks and a lot more. Also, viewing the performance report of your campaigns will be possible, with the option to download it in any format of your choice.

Live Chat Customer Support Feature
You can easily let your users interact with the live char support facility made available inside the dashboard. You don’t need to do this and continue wasting your time.

100% Newbie Compatible And Cloud-Hosted App
Using Kyza is extremely easy. Even if you have zero prior tech skills, you can use this module with relative ease. You also don’t have anything to download or install – Kyza is cloud-hosted, and is accessible from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.

Step By Step Video Training Available
Access an easy and Intuitive step by step video training included inside this app. This way, you can learn how to use this app at its fullest potential.

Commercial License Included
With this feature, you can use a landing page, optin form, graphics for you or even offer to customers looking for these at any price and enjoy 100% of every sale made.

But When You Start Taking Actions… Sadly, You Have No Choice But To Face 4 Key Pain Points:

Invest In Multiple Apps To Start, Run And Scale Up Your Biz
You have no choice but to invest in different apps for creating a landing page, optin form, graphics and sending the best emails to your list. And doing that means you need to pay heavy charges every month to multiple apps.

Outsource To Freelancers Or Agencies And Continue Spending Big
The cost of getting a landing page, optin form or graphics created by freelancers or agencies is sky-high. You have to continue paying them every month for getting some of these marketing materials which may not serve your purposes.

Invest In Time, Money And Resources
You also need to invest in time, money and resources to hire someone to take care of all these tasks. Now, just imagine how many resources you need to invest to take care of different tasks. Yes, it means playing in blind and still ending up on the losing side.

Work In Silos With No Flexibility To Share Data Between The Apps
You will have to work in silos with absolutely no flexibility to share data, files and reports between different apps. You may be working on one app to create a landing page, another one for optin form and others for sending emails and graphics. You may not know which app is working best to gather leads. This way, you will have to work hard and invest time to know how each of those apps is working. Now, taking actions on all these to optimize your campaigns is going to make you endlessly back break.

Not Sure If All These Will Work For You Or Not
Now the worst part – even after doing all, like above, you are totally unaware of all those activities will work or not. It means you continue paying, and toiling hard and yet get zero results.

Phew, all these are mounting challenges and leads you into the unending cycle of putting in lots of money, time and resources for all these with less or no success at all! Well, you must be able to relate to all these because you must have faced all…sometimes in your life…

All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (Kyza Commercial)
Kyza Commercial link

OTO 1 link (Kyza Elite One Time Deal)
Kyza Elite One Time Deal link

Downsell 1 link (Kyza Lite)
Kyza Lite link

OTO 2 link (Kyza Enterprise Commercial)
Kyza Enterprise Commercial link

OTO 3 link (Kyza Agency Commercial)
Kyza Agency Commercial link

Bundle 1 link (Kyza Bundle Offer)
Kyza Bundle Offer link

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