Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO 1 OTO links

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO 1 OTO links

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO was released by Maulana Malik.

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 has one front end option called Levidio The Feed Volume 2.
This product also has a total of one OTO: Levidio The Feed Volume 2 Pro – More Templates + Commercial Lincense.
Levidio The Feed Volume 2 also has one downsell called Levidio The Feed Volume 2 – NEW Templates + Commercial License. Please find the front end 1, the OTO 1 and the 1 downsell links below:

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 oto

All 1 Levidio The Feed Volume 2 and 1 Levidio The Feed Volume 2 downsell links below

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Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO details

Social media is the biggest & easiest platform to spread your content and get free traffic.

video and graphics are certainly the king of content on various social media, i.e : Instagram, facebook, youtube.
Unfortunately not everyone can create attractive video and graphic content for social media.

It’s time for you to take advantage of this social media “madness” to grow your business and brand!

The good news, a brand new video and graphic tool is going live today at 10.00 am EST.

And it’s going to help you to dominate social media with the best videos and graphics that are ready to promote your business and brand!

Introducing: Levidio The Feed Volume 2

It’s basically everything you need to sky rocket your brand and sales using the power of social media.

You’ll get over 3,400+ easy to use design & templates For ALL needs

Check out 11 amazing modules inside levidio the feed volume 2

Module 1 : Social Media Kit
Module 2 : Social Media Feed Templates
Module 3 : Tiktok, IG Reels & Youtube Shorts Templates
Module 4 : Short Ad Templates
Module 5 : 3D Feed & Icon Kit
Module 6 : Animated InfographicTemplates
Module 7 : Animated Frame Templates
Module 8 : Complete Branding Kit
Module 9 : Ecommerce Design Kit
Module 10 : News Explainer Templates
Module 11 : Microblog Templates

2 words that describe this product: SUPER COMPLETE!

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 is going live At 10.00 am EST today so make sure that you check my mail earlier to get access to

Levidio The Feed along with my super cool bonuses.

Did you know that 3.8 Billion people use social media (we are social).
It’s nearly 60% of world’s population!

It’s certaintly a super huge market with amazing potential. And in order to dominate social media, you need the best video and graphics – that attracts your visitor’s eye

The good news, a new tool just releases a while ago, and it’s going to help you to create amazing video, graphic or social media content easily and quickly.

There are 4 Key Features that make levidio the feed vol 2 is your best solution to dominate Social Media with High Quality 3D/2D Video & Graphic :

1/ Multipurpose
All templates are highly customizable and allow you to create a high-quality design for ANY Businesses Easily in Minutes.

2/ World Class 3D & 2D Design

3/ Compatible with all major social media

4/ Canva Templates
Levidio now also provides huge templates that you can easily edit using free version of canva!

and you can get started with levidio the feed vol 2 in 3 simple steps

Step 1 :
Choose one from super huge templates collection

Step 2 :
Easily Customize every elements including text, graphic, color etc

Step 3 :
Export your work up to 4K video or HQ Graphic that will help you to dominate social media and the whole internet.

Levidio The Feed Volume 2  is a BRAND NEW breakthrough from levidio to help anyone to create better and more engaging 3D & 2D Video for ANY Needs

Newbie Friendly – Fully Tested. No tech skills!

Create High Quality 3D / 2D Video & Graphic for All Marketing Needs, such as: explainer video, social media kit, microblog,Instagram content, tiktok video, youtube video, facebook feed, whatsapp story, twitter feed, marketplace design and many more
No Additional Plugin Required, everything is performed within PowerPoint
Export your work to FULL HD Video
Get access to 3,545++ highest quality templates and assets
Step by step tutorials, help you to get started in minutes
11 Amazing Modules inside Levidio Pro (FE)
With a grand total of over 3,500+ templates and assets spread across 11 Modules, ready to help make your 3D / 2D Video & Graphic design better than ever!
2200+ Social Media Kit Designs
300+ Social Media Feed Designs
300+ Tiktok, Instagram Reels & Youtube Shorts
300+ Short Ads Animations
80+ 3D Feed & Icons
40+ Animated Infographic Designs
10+ Animated Frame Designs
10+ Animated Designs
100+ Branding Kit Designs
40+ Ecommerce Feed Designs
70+ Animated News Explainer Designs
15+ Animated Microblogs
Commercial License
Step by step tutorials

Social Media is the Largest Traffic Source in the World Today

And traffic is one of the key factors for increasing your sales. Even according to data from We Are Social, hootsuite:

83% Of Internet users are active on social media (we are social)

3.8 Billion People use social media (we are social)

Facebook, youtube, whatsapp, Instagram, tiktok are dominating the internet with mostly video content

Now it’s your time to dominate the internet and social media using high quality graphic and video that sells!


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