Spyly v3 OTO

Spyly v3 OTO

Spyly V3 OTO was released by Laic.

Spyly V3 has two front end options called Monthly and Yearly + Agency.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: Pro and Reseller.
Please find all front end 1 and 2, all OTOs 1 and 2 links below:

Spyly V3 oto

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Front End 1 link (Monthly)
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Spyly V3 Front End 1

Front End 2 link (Yearly + Agency)
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Spyly V3 Front End 2

OTO 1 link (Pro)
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Spyly V3 OTO 1

OTO 2 link (Reseller)
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Spyly V3 video preview

6500+ marketers are already using this alternative to expensive solutions like Hotjar and CrazyEgg which charge thousands per year.

Have access to the same features like…

– Record Sessions / Playbacks of Each Visitor
– Heatmaps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking & Scroll
– In-Depth Analytics
– Self-Hosted w/ No Limitations

Plus with the enhanced 3.0 version, they are revealing a bunch of new features that raving customers have been asking for.

NEW Features like…

Mobile Tracking: Track not only desktop sessions, but now ANY mobile device to see the difference between Desktop and Mobile engagement.
Watch how you can ethically ”spy” on each of your visitors to see exactly how they interact with your site.
For a short time, you can get up to 70% off the normal price – including NO restrictions, NO limitations.

The secret is to be able to ethically and legally spy – looking over your visitors shoulder to see how they interact and engage with your content, sales pages, lead capture pages, etc…

That is exactly what this software does.

It’s the perfect compliment to Google Analytics, as it resolves the gaping hole of being able to see through heat maps, click maps, scroll maps and recorded visitor sessions to know EXACTLY how your visitors consume your site.

There are literally a 1001 ways marketers, designers, developers, marketing consultants and business owners can utilize this vital data:
– Creating A/B Split Test Ideas
– During a Website Redesign
– “Above the Fold” Testing
– Conversion Rate Optimization
– Navigation Refinements
– For “Before” and “After” Case Studies
– Confirm Site Security and Potential Vulnerabilities
– Screen Resolution Optimization
– The list goes on and on…

Watch a real live session to see what I mean… (HYPERLINK TEXT + GIF)
Stop ”guessing” on what you THINK you need to tweak to help boost conversion and start using REAL data from actual visitors coming to your site.

If you were given a proven method… yes, PROVEN way…to quickly increase your sales conversions, build your opt-in list faster, and drive more targeted visitors to ”call to action”, would you take it?

Jordan Lake and james have decided to reveal an incredibly powerful tool for doing just that. To be quite honest, I’ve never seen anything like this. You can, in a sense, be a fly on the wall behind your visitor! This new software allows you to record every mouse movement, click, and action that your visitors perform on YOUR websites. So basically, you can look into your visitors’ mind, learn why they bought from you… OR even why they decided to leave your page.

It’s one of the most brilliant programs I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those things that ”I wish I had thought of first!” Anyway, anyone can implement it no matter what type of website or niche market they’ve got.

They have spent a good majority of their time online researching and developing new ways to test, track, and increase sales on their sites. And it’s proven to be one of the most influential reasons for their success online.

The higher the conversions, the more leads, signups, and sales they get. It’s that simple.

You can’t get any more in-depth tracking than this software, I can guarantee you that. It’s like watching over your visitors’ shoulder while they’re on your site.

I’ve been told that they’ll be closing the doors on this offer in the very near future since this is the new launch. I’m telling all of my subscribers about this, so when I say head over there NOW… I really mean it.

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Front End 1 link (Monthly)
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Front End 2 link (Yearly + Agency)
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OTO 1 link (Pro)
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OTO 2 link (Reseller)
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