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What Is Rapify Local?
Rapify Local is a collection of 12 website templates in high-demand local business niches, perfect for offline and local consultants who want to be able to offer quick websites for their clients.

But Rapify local isn’t just another template collection… Speed equals higher profits, so Rapify Local includes a full-featured drag-and-drop page and funnel builder app! That means your buyers can create customized websites from the Rapify Local templates in minutes. They can use the app to build their own pages, websites, and funnels from scratch, as well!
About The Rapify Local Funnel
FRONT END: Rapify Local ($67 Value, Launch Price: $27)
12 niche business website templates plus the Rapify drag-and-drop page and funnel builder.

UPGRADE 1: Rapify 20X ($57-$67/month Value, Launch Price: $37-$47/month)
Your niche website template pool is increase 20X to 240 templates, plus hosting is provided for your client websites! Includes 5 or 10 website credits per month, 10 credits option gives rollover for unused credits.

UPGRADE 2: Rapify Plus ($44-$54/month Value, Launch Price: $22-$27/month)
Two amazing add-ons — Rapify Video management/hosting and Rapify Quiz for engagement and data collection — bundled together and sold for the price of one during this launch. Includes 5 or 10 video hosting credits per month, 10 credits option gives rollover for unused credits.

UPGRADE 3: Rapify Agency ($127 Value, Launch Price: $67)
Unlocks subuser and independent client access for VA’s and individual client logins.

If I told you I had a way for you to make $100 per hour, you’d be interested, right?
Especially if it was a legitimate, above-board method that didn’t rely on loopholes or anything blackhat.

I’d bet you’d want to know about it.

Well, what if you could make $100 per MINUTE doing the exact same thing…?

NOW do I have your attention?

I’ll tell you exactly what it is: building websites.

Now, before you run screaming into the night, listen to this…

[+] No technical experience necessary
[+] No coding knowledge necessary
[+] No computer nerd brain necessary
[+] No genius level IQ necessary

You can do this, because you’re going to have Rapify Local templates to work from, for the most in-demand businesses:

[+] Plumbers
[+] Roofers
[+] Landscapers
[+] Real Estate
[+] Used Car Dealers
[+] HVAC (heating & air conditioning)
[+] Restaurants
[+] Accountants
[+] Insurance Agents
[+] Auto Repair Shops
[+] Dentists
[+] Lawyers

And these aren’t just any website templates, they are multi-page full size websites complete with original well-written text content and images on every page.

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And here’s the REALLY cool part…

These templates are all wrapped up in the full-featured drag and drop Rapify pagebuilder system that anyone can use.

Pick the business you’re building a website for, fill out a simple form in the pagebuilder to personalize the website to your client’s address etc., and your site is ready to publish online.

What used to take 5 hours now takes 5 minutes.

And if you’re charging $500 for the website development — not out of line — you’ve just made $100 a minute, for less work than what used to pay you $100 an hour.

Plus, they’ll pay you month after month to maintain their websites for them.

What if you don’t have clients? Well, you’ll get a special bonus guide on the best and easiest ways to get and retain clients.

But you can use the Rapify Local templates for building websites on domains you’ve bought, which you can then flip for an instant profit.

Or, build websites designed to generate leads, which you can then sell to business owners on a monthly or quantity-of-leads basis.

Finally, you can use the easy full-featured Rapify pagebuilder to build webpages and entire websites from scratch. It’s easy, Rapify is chock full of simple drag and drop elements you can use to build beautiful professional quality websites.

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P.S. Rapify Local is on a one-time-payment launch special right now, and the price is going up daily.

Don’t wait to take action, grab Rapify Local now and get the lowest price possible.

Sit on your hands and you’ll end up paying more, plus paying monthly fees!

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