Text-Connector OTO all links

Text-Connector OTO all links

Text-Connector OTO was released by Ben Adkins.

Text-Connector has one front end option called Text-Connector.
This product also has a total of two OTOs: Leave Behind Funnel and High Ticket Package Formula.
Text-Connector also has two downsells called Leave Behind Funnel and High Ticket Package Formula. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 and all 1 and 2 downsells links below:

Text-Connector oto

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Please purchase the Front End Before Any OTO purchase,
you can purchase one or more OTOs directly from below if already purchased the Front End offer for Text-Connector!

Text-Connector video preview

Text-Connector is a wordpress plugin that was built to capitalize on a business growth method that we’ve been utilizing for our small business clients for years. The plugin creates a simple CTA button on mobile versions of your Agency customer’s website. That button allows a potential customer of that business to instantly text a message to the business owner/manager so that they can get an answer quickly. In turn, the business is able to convert the interested prospects into customers fast when they respond.

Did you know that a ton of local business sales happen every week because of text messages?

It’s true.

Whether its a dental patient confirming an appointment, a plumber answering a question from a concerned homeowner, or a Personal trainer answering a workout question for their client… a ton of small conversions happen every week because of something that was said in a text message from a potential customer who has the phone number of the small business owner and feels comfortable texting them. The Trick is how they get their number… Most of the time, it’s because they got it from a friend or are already a customer.

But some small businesses have gotten smart and realized how powerful it is to connect to their customers daily via text message. So smart in fact that they’ve starting going out of their way to give their potential customers their cell phones to text. A powerful new plugin called “Text-Connector” launched that gives you the ability to turn any wordpress website into a local sale conversation machine. Why does this plugin generate sales fast? Because it connects a potential customer to a business owner/manager’s phone so that they can get answers now (via text message).

I want to walk you through a method that I’ve been using to increase my Agency Customers sales 5x-10x per month. It’s simple, but it makes a huge difference and can be implemented in just a few minutes. It’s all about ”Website Conversions”.
Whether you service restaurants, Chiropractors, Gyms, Whatever. They all have random website visitors who come to their sites for more info.

But there is a big problem… Every single day, there are folks that jump over to those websites and don’t find what they need. Sometimes the business gets lucky and the person calls to ask their question (that the website didn’t cover). But more often than not, they just move on. That is unless… You give them a better way to ask their question.

My Big Discovery… A little while back, I discovered that a big secret to increasing our Agency Customers sales was as simple as adding a few core components to their existing website. And the most important addition to their website? We add a way for people to ask the owner/manager questions without having to call… and get them an instant response.

There is a WordPress Plugin launching called Text-Connector. It enables your local agency customers to put a cool little floating button on their website that shows up on the mobile phones of those searching for them now. When they click the button, it connects them instantly to the business owner/manager’s phone.

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