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CIMTAAS OTO was released by CIMTAAS.

CIMTAAS has one front end option called CIMTAAS – (Silver Plan).
This product also has a total of two OTOs: CIMTAAS – (Platinum Plan) and CIMTAAS – (Gold Plan).
Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1 and 2 links below:


All 2 CIMTAAS links below

OTO 1 link (CIMTAAS – (Platinum Plan))
– >

OTO 2 link (CIMTAAS – (Gold Plan))
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Front End 1 link (CIMTAAS – (Silver Plan))
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CIMTAAS Front End 1

CIMTAAS video preview

We decided to create the very last Internet Marketing Program your customer ever need. Whether they are an Influencer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Facebook Marketer, Youtuber, etc., or simply someone who wants to make money online, The CIMTAAS System is perfect for them.

CIMTAAS is the first internet marketing program by \’The Staccatto\’ that created complete internet marketing training and an opportunity to make money online for its members by a two-tier referral program. CIMTAAS System is created with the intention to support the people who want to make money online without any risk.

This referral system is everything that your customer need to kickstart their online business and start the work-from-home life style that gives them the freedom to work at their own schedule and be their own boss.

Are you frustrated because you have been trying to build an online business, but you aren\’t making the money you want? Or are you making some money online, but you aren\’t making as much as you want?

Perhaps you have been working hard, trying to create a product, or maybe you even created a product, but you don\’t know how to sell it.

Or maybe you have been working feverishly to build a list…but you don\’t know what to sell your list (and you know that if you don\’t sell anything, you aren\’t going to achieve financial freedom, right)?

Or maybe you have a couple of products, but now it is getting really confusing figuring out who needs what, who has already bought product 1, how to write your autoresponder emails so they promote both products, but don\’t overdo it.
And those sound like simple problems…but you and I both know any one of them can kill your business, and make it seem like you are just wasting your time and your money online, right?

I mean, for all the work you have put in online, you should be making more money, right? I think you should be! And my guess is that one of the problems I mentioned above is what\’s holding you back. But There is a solution now…It’s CIMTAAS…

The first affordable complete internet marketing training and two-tier referral program. You can earn a huge amount of money while you learn the proper way to do online business. CIMTAAS itself is a business in a box, You don’t need any other business to achieve financial freedom. Unlike other one-tier affiliate programs, CIMTAAS implemented a two-tier referral program. You do not only get commission from your sales but also get commission from your referral’s sales.

Frequently asked questions about CIMTAAS:

What is CIMTAAS system?
CIMTAAS is the first affordable internet marketing training and affiliate program by The Staccatto Platform. The Simtaas system is created with the intention to support the people who want to make money online without any risk.

What is The Staccatto\’s Two-Tier Digital Marketing Platform?
The Staccatto’s Two-Tier Digital Marketing Platform is developed with an intention to support the people who struggle to get a satisfying income with the current One-Tier commission structure of the affiliate programs out there. Unlike other affiliate programs, The CIMTAAS system not only helps you to get a commission from the people who joins through your referral links, but also helps you to get a commission from the people who join the system through your referrals affiliate link.

Who is Tier 1 Affiliate?
Your Tier 1 affiliates are the people who joins the CIMTAAS system through your affiliate link.

Who is Tier 2 Affiliate?
Your Tier Two affiliates are the people who joins the CIMTAAS system through your tier 1 people\’s affiliate link.

What is the aim of the SIMTAAS system?
The main aim of the CIMTAAS system is provide a complete internet marketing training to help newbies who want to start an online business without any risk. Anyone can make money online with the CIMTAAS Systems referral program by inviting others to join the CIMTAAS system.

How will I promote this referral program after purchasing it?
You will get a sign-up link to the affiliate program after purchasing the plan. You will get all the promotional materials after sign-up. You have to invite people through your affiliate link to get a commission from the referral program.

What happens If I sign-up as an affiliate with a direct link without purchasing a plan from the CIMTAAS system?
You are eligible to promote the CIMTAAS system after signing up as an affiliate. But you are not eligible to get an affiliate commission from The CIMTAAS system without purchasing a plan.

Will I get a commission for the sales of the people who join the CIMTAAS System after some months from the date I refer them to the system?
Yes. Your referrals are hardcoded in the system. It means the system locks every person that you refer to the CIMTAAS system. If you refer someone to the system, then that person is your referral for life. It doesn\’t matter if the customer joins the CIMTAAS system in a week, in a month, in several months or even in a different device.

How I will contact you If I need help?
You can contact us at any time through the below mentioned support email:

What happens if I purchase $25 plan today and upgrade to $100 plan after some day?
You will not get a 40% commission without our approval If you decide to upgrade your plan any other day than the CIMTAAS purchase date. You have to send your purchase details to after you upgrade your plan to update your details on the system.

All links in this sales funnel:

OTO 1 link (CIMTAAS – (Platinum Plan))
CIMTAAS – (Platinum Plan) link

OTO 2 link (CIMTAAS – (Gold Plan))
CIMTAAS – (Gold Plan) link

Front End 1 link (CIMTAAS – (Silver Plan))
CIMTAAS – (Silver Plan) link