Kickpages discount – Cheapest Kickpages account

Kickpages discount – Cheapest Kickpages account

While buying any application or software or access to a software everyone looks for a discount, that’s why we offer Kickpages discount. Kickpages is the most versatile website builder which offers an easy way to create sites, sales pages, sales funnels, membership sites and much more.

Best Kickpages discount

What would be a better discount than free? Kickpages offers you a 14 days free trial what you can cancel even before the trial period ends. If you decide to finish the trial period and get billed as normal, you still have a 100% refund guarantee within 30 days.

To sign up for the free trial, use the button below:

Kickpages Discount

Kickpages pricing

Kickpages by default offers 3 pricing plans as:

  • Starter plan
  • Pro plan
  • Agency plan

All three pricing plans have an option to pay monthly or yearly based on a subscription. Going for the yearly payment plan, you receive additional discount.

Main features

Kickpages has lots and lots of features, for example:

  • Page builder
  • Templates
  • Design blocks
  • Collaboration
  • Super fast page speed
  • Kickpages Cloud
  • Membership Sites
  • Page automation
  • Sales funnels
  • etc.

One of the main feature would be the design block section:

A design block is basically a part of a website. All website templates build into Kickpages are made out of design blocks which can be moved between templates. All Templates can be taken apart into design blocks and put together into a new template. You can create your own design blocks and even save them as a template for future use.

Kickpages has nearly 1000 design blocks built in at this point and there are more coming after every update, plus the list is virtually unlimited since you can create your own design blocks.

Kickpages discount codes

Using the design blocks you can build a new website within minutes then the built website can be also saved as a site template. Kickpages also has hundreds of full templates built in. These templates are categorized by business type and website type. You have sales funnels, membership sites, login pages, optin pages, etc.

You can see more details about Kickpages design blocks on the following link: Kickpages design blocks


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