Pandorax OTO 4 OTO links

Pandorax OTO 4 OTO links

Pandorax OTO was released by Steve Tari & Godswill Okos.

Pandorax has one front end option called PandoraX Smart App Commercial.
This product also has a total of four OTOs: PandoraX Unlimited, PandoraX Professional, Business Consult Kit and PandoraX Whitelabel.
Pandorax also has one downsell called PandoraX Professional. Please find the front end 1, all OTOs 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the 1 downsell links below:

Pandorax oto

All 4 Pandorax and 1 Pandorax downsell links below

Front End 1 link (PandoraX Smart App Commercial)
– >
Pandorax Front End 1

OTO 1 link (PandoraX Unlimited)
– >
Pandorax OTO 1

OTO 2 link ( PandoraX Professional)
– >
Pandorax OTO 2

OTO 3 link (Business Consult Kit)
– >
Pandorax OTO 3

OTO 4 link (PandoraX Whitelabel)
– >
Pandorax OTO 4

Downsell 1 link (PandoraX Professional)
– > Pandorax Downsell 1

What is PandoraX?

PandoraX is The World’s First Smart App To Help You START, GROW, And MASSIVELY SCALE A Profitable Agency Business In Any Niche From A SINGLE Dashboard. We bring you a complete solution that comes with First-to-Market features that make starting a Profitable Online and Local Agency Business point-n-click simple WITHOUT any technical skills, prior experience, or huge investment.  

Why PandoraX. Why Now? Where there’s chaos, there’s opportunity. The year 2020 would be known as the most chaotic year in the history of mankind. With the entire world fighting hard against an enemy that is unknown for the most part… and being confined inside the four-walls at home… traditional (brick-and-mortar) businesses as we know them are fast changing their business models to go totally online. And this has created a new demand for various types of agencies that can help these businesses move online.

Features No Other Apps Has Include:
And when it comes to Starting a Profitable Online and Local Agency Business In 2021 & beyond…

Here’s what you need:
–  A Store or Online Presence
– Customers to Buy the Product or Services
– Effective tool to scale the Business and Manage your clients
– A system to run effective Promotional Campaign for consistent sales

…And PandoraX has it all, and then some more.

– A Built-In Business Manager with advanced business intelligence streamlines the entire work process
– An SMS & Email Broadcast System automates your entire marketing and combines all the delivery channels onto one single dashboard
– A Client Finder generates highly qualified leads ready to pay for your services
– Turnkey Done-For-You Local Agency Business Starter Kits that include everything to get paid helping offline & Local Businesses SELL ONLINE Post Covid
– Everything Else, too… Done-For-You!

1. Done-For-You Agency Business Starter Kits in 40 Niches
Each Of These Kits Are Fully-Loaded With:
Optimized Website and Funnels
Stop & Stare Facebook Ad Creatives
Telemarketing Scripts That Strike A Chord
Attractive Email Sequence
Enticing Sales Graphics
High SEO Rankings
Highly Rewarding Google Ad Creatives
Powerful & Beautiful PowerPoint & Word Proposals
1-Click Customizable Professionally Drafted Legal Contracts

2. Instant Access To Over 30 Million Business Leads In Different Niches
Client Email Ids
Client Residential & Office Addresses
Client Contact Numbers
Client Websites
Brand Owner Contact Details
Enjoy UNLIMITED Downloads & UNLIMITED Searches
Access from Anywhere, Use for Any Purpose You Want

3. Built-In Advanced Business Intelligence Features
Manage customers and leads
Add your company’s employees, track their attendance and manage their leaves
Track client projects, invoices, proposals/estimates
Create contracts with clients with e-signatures
Create projects, add project members and track the project progress, expenses, earnings, time logs, tasks, milestones
Kanban task board to visualise work and tasks
Project chart to plan the project schedule
Convert the invoices to credit notes which can be redeemed
Create products which can be used in invoices and can be purchased by clients
Tickets can be raised by employees and clients which are assigned to ticket agents to get it resolved
Slack, pusher and one signal integration for real time notifications
Messages section for internal chats
Receive payments via PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay gateways
Theme settings to style the app to reflect your brand
Create custom roles with custom permissions for employees
Various reports for tasks, time logs, finance, attendance, leaves
Tons of other configurable options
And a lot more…

4. SMS & Email Broadcast System That Automates Your Entire Marketing
Create campaigns: email marketing campaigns that reach out to your targeted audience at once!
Add subscribers
Create imported and dynamic lists
Import contacts and lists from other platforms to bring them all under one virtual roof.
Create conditional segments
Send emails and SMS to relevant customers by setting certain conditions.
Dark and light template
Add custom fields
Collect and give out information as per your requirement by customizing the fields in your emails.
Add custom templates
Add multiple brands: With this system, you can not only communicate with customers of one singular brand. You can use it for as many clients as you like using segregated systems from within your dashboard.
Manage roles and permissions for users: We understand that you won’t be the only one involved in your agency. So now you can set permissions for other users and delegate better.
Free updates
And so much more…

What Is PandoraX?

You want to Cash-In On This Mass-Migration Of Local Business To ONLINE With A Powerful Tool? PandoraX is the Ultimate Agency Builder Suite with built-In Client Finder & Business Manager that provides The Quickest & Easiest Way To START, MANAGE & SCALE AN AGENCY For Yourself And Your Clients In Just 3 Easy Steps…

STEP 1: Pick A Niche
Simply pick any niche from a selection of 40 hot-selling niches.
Preview and download ready-to-profit Agency Website pre-loaded with content that you can customize.

STEP 2: Find & Close Clients
Just enter a keyword, niche and/or location and get instant access to thousands of hot-leads.
Use the built-in proven-to-convert resources to close these clients.

STEP 3: Get Paid
Run, manage & scale your business and/or for your clients and get paid the top dollar. (Pro Tip: After a couple of projects under your belt… start charging a percentage from profits that you help your clients make)

All links in this sales funnel:

Front End 1 link (PandoraX Smart App Commercial)
PandoraX Smart App Commercial link

OTO 1 link (PandoraX Unlimited)
PandoraX Unlimited link

OTO 2 link ( PandoraX Professional)
PandoraX Professional link

OTO 3 link (Business Consult Kit)
Business Consult Kit link

OTO 4 link (PandoraX Whitelabel)
PandoraX Whitelabel link

Downsell 1 link (PandoraX Professional)
PandoraX Professional link

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